Getting Rent Ready

Potential renters are like any other consumer when weighing which rental property they choose to lease.   They want a quality product which translates into a clean, well-maintained home.  As property managers, we often speak with landlords about the necessity of proactive maintenance for the rental property and providing the best possible cosmetic appearance possible.  All County Property Management recommends that before you market the property for lease, you should do a thorough deep cleaning of the home and carpets.  A fresh re-paint of the property is best, but at a minimum, any walls with paint damage should be repainted corner to corner, not just “touched up.”  Anything broken should be repaired or clearly disclosed to potential renters.  Turnovers between tenants are a great opportunity to have all systems thoroughly inspected for any overdue maintenance.  For more guidance on how to get your property rent ready, please contact us.