Food, Clothing and Shelter

Nearly every day we field calls from prospective real estate investors inquiring about good areas in Atlanta to own rental properties. As property managers in the North Atlanta market, we are familiar with many neighborhoods, and our feedback is to focus on properties in communities that boast good schools and have low crime. Whether people buy or rent their home, they want to provide a better future for their family and feel safe in their neighborhood. Another factor to look at for rental homes is their proximity to everyday resources, especially grocery stories. The Atlanta Journal Constitution recently published an eye-opening article on “food deserts” in the metro area. These are communities or neighborhoods that are more than a mile from grocery stores that sell fresh produce and other healthy, wholesome foods. To read the full article, go to…. Lower prices may be appealing to some renters, but if you had your choice of where to live, would you choose to live in a “food desert?”